daniel andersson

nemesis divina 2007

The book Nemesis Divina (divine vengeance / justice) was written by Carl von Linné as a spiritual manifest to his son. A book witch describes madness, greed and sin, but most of all the universal justice, where the accident has served as a tool of vengeance.

When I first got the offer to make art in the name of Carl von Linné I decided, after some reviewing and research, to let the some insane book of Linné inspire me. Witch eventually made me wanna try to construct a deathtrap for a tree.

Does self destructive behavior exist in everything? It does definitely in us human. We have warned us self, f o r us self for decades. Yet we are more ecologically harmful than ever. Does the global warming exist? The poles are melting. The symbolic and bizarre of letting a tree slowly cry it self to death, trapped inside a waterproof room of glass, a preserved memory of a life, a notice. The Apple tree is called the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, but paradoxical it is our knowledge and technic that one day will be our fall. The tree of life and knowledge also appears in The Bible making the human mortal according to The Fall Of Satan. ("The day you eat from that tree you will die" 1Mos 2:17) (translated by Daniel Andersson)