daniel andersson

movies on treadmills 2007

Movies on Treadmills

Performance and Installation
By Joshua Webber and Daniel Andersson
Galleri konstfack 1dec - 8dec. Performance 4pm-6pm 1 dec.

Film is a media with which most are extremely well acquainted. Running in film is a very common theme and therefore very familiar. Movies on Treadmills is an attempt to go beyond this familiarity to the point of embodiment.

With this exhibition, our primary interest lies in film's inherent quality of constant movement, from frame to frame, pixel to pixel and its ability to be played and replayed infinitely. Within this constant movement, people running in film then have the ability to run unceasingly, infinitely.

In Movies on Treadmills, we mean to juxtapose our human and very tangible exhaustibility to that of the film's inexhaustibility as we try to embody the people running on film.  The film clips, our performance and the ensuing installation are all different representations, where the constant displacement of these various representations defines the exhibition.  Constant running represented by a constant displacement of representation and vice versa. 
The meta-narrative is something as follows: The people running in film are projected onto us as we try to mimic them and their infallibility. This in-turn becomes a film with us running as people in film running...