daniel andersson


2013.11.21 - 2014.01.12 Solo exhibition at Galleriet in Malmö

2012.06.13 Initiation of scuplpture in Rosengård (collaborative project with Apelgårdsskolan)

2012.05.12-2012.08.26 Group show, Västerås Konstmuseum

2012.04.12 The webshop Multipel.nu opens with my prints In motion and the sculpture Cumulus

2012.01.24 Article in the newspaper Sydsvenskan about Idet

2011.12.16 The initiation of the artist collective IDET (images of the making of the entrance)

2011.06.07 The initiation of the artwork Cumulus for Eslöv county takes place at Västra skolan in Eslöv.

2011.02.26 - 2011.03.26 Solo show, Tingsryd art union

2010.11.28 - 2011.03.02 Sport i Konsten, Mjellby konstmuseum

2010.11.19 Presentation of proposals for public light installations in and around Malmö.

2010.08.30 Casebok by Valveil is complete

2010.06.22 From now on I live and work in Malmö, Sweden

2010.06.14 Review at Art Slant (the #1Contemporary art network)

2010.05.22-2010.05.29 Voting for proposals for Art Site.

2010.05.08 - 2010.08.29 Bilen i våra hjärtan at Skövde konsthall

2010.04.24 Mill24, exhibition at Islington mill in Manchester

2010.04.08 - 2010.05.23 Förbindelser at Växjö konsthall

2009.12.10 Daniel Andersson is one of three artist (Anna-Karin Arvidsson, Annika Jarring) that has been invited to sketch for Art Site 2010, Växjö

2009.11.21 - 2010.01.31 The Crownpike(2006) and V2 (2008) at Sydosten, Kalmar Konstmuseum

2009.09.15 The installation Beautyful day (2009) is purchased by Akademiska hus for the sculpture park Valla in Linköping

2009.09.11 - 2009.09.13 Video is shown at art fair V.art09 in Värnamo

2009.08.20 Installation with Permanens 2, Linköping university park

2009.06.12 - 2009.07.12 Industrial design project with the american design group Dream Team in Gwangju, South korea

2009.06.12 - 2009.09.20 The sculpture As If (2008) and Big Block Beauty (2009) is shown at Open Art in Örebro

2009.06.05 Daniel has received a degree schoolarship from Konstfack foundations

2009.05.15 Daniel Andersson has reveived Konsnärsnämndens assistant scoolarship, to assist Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena

2009.05.12 - 2009.05.24 The scuplture Big Block Beauty (2009) is shown at Konstfack spring exhibition, Stockholm

2009.05.12 18.00-19.00 Performance: Motorcycle Hero Peep Show outside Konstfack, Stockholm

2009.01.30 - 2009.03.29 The sculpture As if (2008) at Liljevalchs vårsalong

2008.10.31 - 2008.11.02 The video Christmas card (2008)is shown at the video art festival Moving at Clarion hotel Stockholm

2008.09.02 - 2008.12.23 Exchange, Film, animation and video studies at RISD. Providence, Rhode Island, USA

2008.08.25 Exhibition for the summer projet at Konstfack, Stockholm

2008.04.14 - 2008.04.28 Collaboration with Johannes Brander in Berlin

2008.02.04 20.00 Screening, the video Bilrokarden is shown at the cinema Sture in Stockholm

2008.02.28 An article about Daniel Andersson in Leveranstidningen Entreprenad

2008.02.07 - 2008.03.16 Groupexhibition Växelverkan, Växjö Konsthall.

2008.01.24 - 2008.03.16 The videos To Paint (2006) and Hi Robert! (2006) at Liljevalchs vårsalong.

2007.12.12 - 2007.12.16 Separate exhibition at Plan B in Växjö. A crownike. A myth. will be shown.

2007.12.01 kl.16.00 Performance at Galleri Konstfack, MOVIES ON TREADMILLS (2007), collaboration with Joshua Webber. The exhibition is shown until 9/12.

2007.10.07 The installation Nemesis Divina ends.

2007.10.06 An article about Daniel Andersson is printed in the latest number of the art/culture magazine VISIT.

200709.10 kl.11.45 Radiointerview concerning Nemesis Divina. P4 Kronoberg Västergatan.

2007.09.07 - 2007.10.07 Exhibition in Växjö, Strandbjörket. The installation Nemesis Divina

2007.06.05 - 2007.06.30 Projectwork in the deep forests of Småland. Mainly music and video.

2007.04.16 - 2007.04.29 Projectwork in Berlin.

2007.03.15 The video To paint (2007) is shown in Smålandsnytt at 19.10 in SVT 2.

2007.02.14 - 2007.02.23 Exhibition at konstfack. The firs grade are showing their works in seminariegatan. Ornament for a crownpike. A myth.

2007.02.02 Rock n roll Volym II, norrköpingskonsthall. The video Bellydance (2003) is shown in Sandlådan